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Torqeedo Travel

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Travel 603 S, for tenders, dinghies and daysailers up to 1 ton.

The Travel 1103 C is offered with an input power of over 1,000 watts, and its propulsive power is comparable to that of a 3 hp petrol outboard.


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Torqeedo Travel 1103 C

The Travel 1103 C is available with an input power of over 1,000 watts, and its propulsive power is comparable to that of a 3 hp petrol outboard. With the Travel 1103 C you can travel and explore the aquatic environment at your leisure; it meets the requirements for watertightness in accordance with IP67. With the on-board computer with GPS-based range calculation, you have your own personal travel guide at your service. It offers a higher maximum power than the Travel 503 and a battery capacity more than 60% higher, which means a longer range. The Travel 1103 C has almost three times the battery capacity of the Travel 503 and therefore a much longer range. Suitable for dinghies and other small boats. The Travel 1003 C easily powers dinghies and sailboats up to 1.5 tonnes.

Product description:
● Identical performance as a 3 hp petrol outboard, yet more environmentally friendly, quieter, lighter and more comfortable.
● On-board computer with GPS-based distance calculation
● Optional solar charger, even with the battery running
● Detachable for easy transportation and storage
● A clean and environmentally friendly product: no matter where you place your Travel, there is no risk of spillage and no smell of petrol.
● Infinitely adjustable forward/reverse drive
● Manually tilting system with anti-stranding protection ● Manually tilting system with 4-stage trim system
● 4-stage manual trim system
● Completely waterproof (IP67)
● Tiller tiller control
● Built-in 915 Wh lithium-ion battery
● Total weight: 17.3 kg
● Tail length: Short shaft 62.5 cm

Torqeedo Travel 603 S

The whisper-quiet, direct-drive technology of the best-selling Travel 1103 is now available in a lighter, more affordable package: the brand-new Travel 603. These clean and convenient electric outboards make motoring easy and carefree.

Product description:

  • 2 HP equivalent
  • 600 W input power
  • Ultra-quiet, clean and compact
  • Silent direct-drive
  • Improved durability
  • Solar-chargeable
  • Instantaneous throttle response
  • Completely waterproof (IP67)
  • Total weight 15.5 kg
  • Shaft length: 62.5 cm (equivalent to short shaft)
  • Foating high-performance lithium battery with 500 Wh
  • Including onboard computer with GPS-based range calculation and charger


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Travel 1103 C, Travel 603 S


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