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Webasto Nautical

Heating and cooling solutions for nautical applications.

Motorboats and sailing boats are our passion, just like yours. Enjoy unforgettable moments with the perfect atmosphere on board. Webasto is your invisible and reliable companion on your voyages. Travel in comfort wherever and whenever.


The weather at sea changes faster than anywhere else. Discover the beauty of winter at sea by extending your sailing season with a Webasto heating solution on board. In addition to nautical-specific installation kits, we supply innovative, high-quality air and water heaters that contribute to improved comfort on board. These two technologies offer our customers economical, powerful and reliable solutions.

On the open sea, the sun warms your boat quickly. Enjoy the sun outside and stay cool inside whenever you want to have a drink. Our wide range of products, from stand-alone air conditioners to large cooling systems, covers all needs. With our wide range of power ratings we cover capacities ranging from 5,000 BTU/h to 1,500,000 BTU/h. You can decide which technology is best for your boat or yacht.


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