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Efficient electric drives with German technology.

Outboard and inboard electric drives up to 100 hp that do not waste, do not pollute, do not weigh, do not break and moreover… are not expensive if you take into account their advantages.

Electric drives are becoming more and more popular than internal combustion drives for many activities because of all the advantages they have (silent, no fumes, ecological, light, reliable, very manoeuvrable, etc.) and they also allow motorised sailing in many areas where combustion drives are forbidden; we already have clients sailing with them in Nature Reserves and areas of special environmental protection.


As main drive:

  • Pneumatic and other small to medium sized dinghies.
  • Sailboats up to 4 Tn. (Even the small 1003 moves a 1.8 Tm Dragon at 4 knots).
  • Racing yachts (a J70 can reach almost 5 knots with the Travel 1003)
  • Floating devices for rent in sea and inland waters.
  • Small motor or pontoon boats.
  • Fishing and adventure KAYAKS.

As auxiliary or emergency drive:

  • Motor boats up to 5 Tm.
  • Fishing boats for trolling in silence and without smell.
  • Sailing boats up to 6 Tn.


  • Maintenance and grease-free.
  • Silent and odourless.
  • Very light.
  • Very manoeuvrable and easy to stow.
  • They allow to navigate in areas restricted to petrol engines.
  • No maintenance and no petrol consumption.
  • Environmentally friendly, they are ecological.

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