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Efoy Fuel Cartdridge M10


This M10 fuel cartridge can supply 925 Ah, with a nominal capacity of 11,1 Kwh. Only with a weight of 8.4 kg

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EFOY fuel cells need our EFOY fuel cartridges to generate electricity. These have a safety-tested system specially developed for EFOY fuel cells and are filled with high-purity methanol*. Due to the safety lock you do not come into contact with the fuel and the cartridge can be changed in seconds.

Our fuel cartridges are available in two sizes (5 and 10 litres) from authorised camping and marine dealers worldwide. With an M10 fuel cartridge (10 litres) you are self-sufficient for up to 4 weeks on average

Additional information

Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 20.3 × 23.4 × 32.7 cm



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