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Waterworld 15.0


Air-cooled inboard electric motor.


Waterworld 15.0 specifications:

  • Continuous power, max. kW 15
  • Voltage 48 V
  • Torque in Nm 105
  • Maximum rpm 1450
  • Measurements 762 x 307 x 300
  • Weight (motor + controller in frame), kg. t.b.a.

WaterWorld's range of electric inboard engines is today's alternative to diesel or petrol engines. Just as reliable, only clean and quiet.

Air-cooled, air-cooled, a-synchronous direct drive, motor and controller in one unit.

WaterWorld offers many advantages over traditional electric boat motors:

Affordable: one of the most affordable electric inboard drives on the market.
Quiet and clean: virtually no engine noise and no emissions.
Efficient - for greater range without the need for additional batteries.
Reliable: tried and tested technology.
Future-proof: the second-hand value of combustion engines will decrease with increasing environmental awareness and regulations.
Easy to install: one unit for the engine and controller, no water cooling system and direct connection to the shaft, no gearbox.
Easy to maintain and upgrade: the controller can be easily upgraded or quickly replaced in case of emergency.
Support and training: technical and marketing support for WaterWorld distributors.


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