Sea Independent yacht brokerage and sales

Sea Independent was founded in 2010 by Marcel Borgmann as a global network of yacht brokers. Marcel knew that close and efficient cooperation between yacht brokers worldwide is the key to successful sales of high quality yachts. 
The network currently consists of more than 35 yacht brokerage companies around the globe and is certified by the European Maritime Certification Institute (EMCI) We are present in all major yachting centres of this world and are still expanding. As a seller you can make full use of this network, providing you with un-paralleled marketing power. 
Sea Independent operates as “Central Agent” for its clients. This means that your Sea Independent yacht broker will act as your exclusive and central representative, fully taking care of your interests only. At the same time your yacht will be offered by all of our partners within the Sea Independent Network, to achieve worldwide coverage. Not only on the internet, but also through our partners who each use their local assets to market and offer your yacht to their large client base.  
This local support that our global network can offer will attract a lot of potential buyers who are looking for reliable and professional services to help them acquire a yacht. A yacht which often is lying in a faraway part of this world, and who’s acquisition involves a complicated international transaction. This local support will of course also be available to you, as a seller. 
So in short, by signing one agreement, you actually get the services of more than 35 yacht brokers worldwide, that work closely together as a team to sell your yacht at the best possible price. 

Contact: Tel.: +34 605 256 162 (Vigo, SPAIN).