Efoy Fuel Cells

"Fuel cells to keep your battery in optimum condition, silently and without pollution"

The EFOY fuel cells are inexpensive and free of harmful emissions. Even at maximum power only denies water vapor and CO2.

The principle of the fuel cell is: directly converts chemical energy (conversion of methanol) into electricity (direct current).


     - Fully automatic

       The "Automatic loading" constantly monitors the voltage level of the battery. Once the voltage is below 12.3 Volts, the battery
automatically cuts EFOY and recharge the battery. Once charging is complete, turn off again (fully automatic).

    - Silent

     One of the great advantages respect to the generators is the noise level, which is practically nil.

     - Lightweight and compact: With its size and weight (7 kilos).

     - High tech for clean energy.

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