Electric Outboard Torqueedo

"Electric motors and efficient German technology"

Outboard and inboard engines up 80HP do not spend, do not pollute, do not weigh, do not break and also ... not expensive when you consider its advantages.

Electric motors are imposing on the explosion to perform many activities for all the advantages they have (silent, smoke, green, light, reliable, highly maneuverable, etc..) And allows motor boating in many areas where combustion engines are prohibited, we have customers and sailing with them in nature reserves and areas of special environmental protection.



As the main engine


  •      Inflatable dinghies and other small or medium-length
  •      Sailboats up to 4 tons. (Even the little moves a Dragon 1003 from 1.8 tonnes to 4 knots)
  •      Racing sailboats (one is almost 5 knots J70 in Travel 1003)
  •      Rent floating devices at sea and inland waters
  •      Small motor boats or pontoon type
  •      Fishing and adventure KAYAKS

As an engine or emergency auxliar

  •      Motor boats up to 5 tons
  •      Fishing boats trolling trip to go silent and odorless
  •      Sailboats up to 6 tons.


  •      No maintenance or lubrication
  •      Silent and odorless
  •      Very light
  •      Very manageable and easy stowage
  •      To navigate in restricted areas with fuel engines
  •      Savings by not having maintenance or fuel consumption
  •      Organic and environmentally friendly


SEE CATALOGUE ATTACHED, on the last pages there is a price list VAT included.

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