TurboSwing tow bar

The Turboswing is the ideal option for RIBs and sports boats,and gives you the ultimate water skiing, wakeboarding or fun tubing experience. It is a tow bar that can be installed on the motor bracket using just two holders and the bracket bolts, without needing to remove the outboard motor.

The tow rope is attached to the EZpulley that runs smoothly around the motor cowl. As a result, the pull force acting on the tow rope and the propulsive thrust force of the motor converge at the point of rotation of the boat.

The TurboSwing offers perfect directional stability and response, a tow rope that always remains above the wake, a lower planing speed and a higher top speed. This means that the driver has full control and greater comfort. The skier's movements and tricks are much smoother.

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